Shop your University Checklist in the Jumia Students Week Sale


Excited much?! It’s time to head to campus and we’re here for all of it! We want to make sure that all you need to go back to school is well sorted.

For the whole of this week, it’s all about the Nigerian student, whether you’re a fresher or a returning student. The Jumia University Checklist store has been filled with handpicked items that will make student life easier for you.

– Cooking Essentials: Everything you need in the kitchen or kitchenette, cookers, utensils and more!

-Computing Essentials: What’s being in school without a laptop? If you’re a stalite, by now you totally understand how it goes. Assignments, projects and the ever-saving movie time, your laptop is your best friend after the BFF.

-Dorm Room Essentials: Your hostel needs to be organized in such a way that it fuels your productivity. Get tits and bits of items that will set you up for a great semester!

-Provisions: Because, not every time cook a meal, sometimes you just have to trust almighty cornfakes, golden morn or G4 to save the day. To make things easier for you, we’ve got provision bundles specially for you.

-Phones: Fancy a new phone? Explore the many options you’ve got. There’s a smartphone you’d love!

-Fashion Essentials: You know slaying is inevitable, right? Looking your best is not even negotiable. Jeans, tees, kicks, dresses, everything!

We’ve created a checklist for you. Don’t dull! Head over to

Are you a freshman? Check this page out for stuff you’d find useful.

Here’s another one you’d love, the Jumia Students Card. This is how it goes. When you register on the Jumia Students page, you will get a student card that you can use to get 5% off your orders on Jumia. Once the cards are ready, it will be sent to your campus and you will be notified for pick-up.