Simple Gym Equipment To Use At Home


Life is so unfair! You have to work 8-5 in a week, sometimes even weekends, drive or navigate the busy commute in busy traffic, and still make out time to gym. How? Where’s the time? Quite the dilemma. But! What if you can own a gym in your home? Wouldn’t that be glorious? ‘Yes!’ You say? It’s not easy, we know, but how about trying out some of these simple gym equipment / techniques. They are affordable and save you time of registering at a gym.

Workout DVDs
Literally. Bring the workout at the gym right into your living space. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the video and voila! A good time for this is right before you hit the shower. Trust us! You’d feel amazing.

Gym Equipment

Stability Ball
The Stability Ball is a simple equipment to incorporate into you daily exercise routine at home. It is most often used in physical therapy, athletic training and exercise. It can also be used for weight training.

Gym Equipment

Exercise Mat
Yoga or workout? An exercise mat is a must-have. It cushions your frame from the hard floor and gives more support than a carpet when doing ab workouts, floor exercises, and warm-up stretches.


Heart Rate Monitor
It’s great to exercise, even better to know your limit and performance level. Using a heart rate monitor allows you to properly manage your cardio capabilities and helps you learn which of your workouts are high intensity, focused on strength building, stamina, and also which to adopt and discard.

Gym Equipment

I personally have this one at home. A dumbell is like the most basic equipment for building muscle and sculpting your body. Having a small one and with consistent usage, you will see a considerable improvement in your workout plan.


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