Six Benefits of Shopping on the Jumia Mobile App


The increase in internet and mobile penetration, as well as affordability of smartphones in Nigeria, has prompted a lot of businesses and companies to invest in and launch mobile apps. The Jumia Mobile Report 2018 confirmed that mobile penetration increased from 53% in 2016 to 84% in 2018 while the cost of phones sold on Jumia was priced at an average of $216 in 2016, and by 2017 the price had gone down to $100.

With more and more smartphones in the hands of consumers, they are more likely to use their mobile apps for shopping. This is actually true as the Jumia Mobile report discovered that 79% of customers accessed the Jumia website via their mobile, 18% via desktop and 3% via tablet.

The fact is, with the many benefits attached to using the Jumia mobile app, there is actually no need to buy items via desktop. You can search for information with a desktop and buy on the mobile app. So, join Our Exclusive Club of mobile app shoppers for the following reasons:

Little data needed for installation

One important reason some people do not download certain apps is because of the data required for its installation. To download some apps, you need as much as 30 to 40 Mb. This is not the case with the Jumia mobile App. For just 7.5 Mb, you will have the Jumia app on your phone!

Low data consumption during browsing

We all want to manage our data. So, we avoid any website or app that will ‘eat’ it up. The Jumia Mobile app does not consume data, plus you will enjoy smoother and faster browsing. Shop more on low data with the Jumia Mobile App.

Enjoy an additional 5% discount

Jumia Pay is Jumia’s response to customer demand for easy and secure payment solutions. Therefore, to encourage you to use the Jumia mobile app whenever you shop, Jumia Pay will offer you 5% off your order. To enjoy this 5%, you should select Jumia Pay as a payment method.

Mouthwatering discounts on treasure hunt & flash sales

Jumia offers fantastic discounts on different products and the only way you can enjoy the discount is when you use the mobile app. You will enjoy a 99% discount off products with Treasure Hunt. For example, the Jumia Home Makeover kicked off on Monday March 11th, and on Thursday & Friday March 14th & 15th, you can buy a Scanfrost washing machine which costs 45k for N500; Hisense Double Door Fridge @ N2000 (Old Price – N201,000); Scanfrost Washing Machine @ N500 (Old Price – N45,000). The same goes for the flash sales, you will get 50% off. There will also be Mega Flash Sales every day with AMAZING deals like: Nexus water dispenser @ N28,690; Economy kitchen bundle @ N12,690; and Sashio pressure cooker @ N7,990.

Enjoy exclusive access to daily app vouchers

Jumia gives out a lot of app vouchers every day. You can only use the voucher when you shop with the app. No App, no voucher. Imagine buying a N30,000 appliance and getting N2,000 off your order. In addition, you can also get 5% off if you use Jumia Pay.

Exclusive product launch + deals on the app

By activating the push notification of your Jumia mobile app, you will get exclusive information about Jumia product launch and deals on the app. Due to this information, you will be the first to buy these exclusive products and enjoy the deals.