Slide into her DM like a sharp guy


Sliding into DMs’, for those who don’t know, is the way millennials “walk up to a girl and ask for her ‘digits’.It’s just how we do it these days. Banky W and Adesua sure did break the internet when they announced their engagement but one thing that stood out in the amazing love story of this duo is that it started from a DM (Direct Message).

But after a a couple of back-to-back success in the game, I feel its only fair to pass on the legacy and make sure its the last time you get curved. Here are the basic rules all sharp guys must follow

Arrange yourself: First rule is to make sure your house is in order. No funny or nude pictures, your outfit must look sharp and mature & simply no traces of bae on your page.

Follow her: If you must get her attention through DM’s you need to play your game right. Yes I said it, its a game. You don’t just jump into her DM like that; first you must have been following her for a while but if you cannot wait…..the next line is for you

Like her photos:  If you have not been following her, simply follow, then start by liking her photos. Don’t stalk her and like everything at once ooh (the parole will not click) Like the most recent one and then like one of the old ones each day. (One per day) Ah think you are getting it? You will have her curiosity.

Comment on her pictures: A gentleman makes his point with few words. No long gist. Please note that this comments should be rare and never ever comment on her body parts. You will only look thirsty like the ‘other guys’. Stick to sweet words like pretty, cute, beautiful, stunning etc. Don’t go and spoil it with words like Slay Mama, Dope, 100%. Be sweet, be courteous. Remember, the thirst is real

Start building an online relationship: just after a week or two, courteously and tactically slide into her DM. Depending on her area of interest, take your time to pay a compliment or two about what she does.

For example, if she is into natural hair, you can say: Hi there, I followed you a while ago and I really do like your online personality. I also like your DIY culture and your hair really looks good. I will be glad if I can get to know you better….. (Please note that ladies with Natural hair like to be complimented about their hair growth). Very important to add a funny meme to add spice to the DM.

A matured lady would at least say something after that…the something could be a NO but I doubt that though. But there’s no harm in trying. You might be next in line if present boo hangs his boot! Just submit your  CV to her DM now.

Good luck! Go ahead, slide into that DM and let me know if this worked for you.