Nokia Lumia 520-So Colourful And Smart


The ability to stay connected is one that’s no easy task especially in this age we are in. Technology has however made this a bit easy with products from Nokia that help people remain connected. From the stables of Nokia comes a new range of products most recently the Lumia.
The [rad-hl]Nokia Lumia 520[/rad-hl] is your budget friendly smart phone from Nokia, just like the recently released blackberry Q5. Ever wondered how many Nokia Lumia phones been released this year? With the launch of the Nokia lumia 1020 it will be 3 lumia phones by Nokia this year alone.

The [rad-hl]Nokia Lumia 520[/rad-hl] is that perfect summer phone. Understanding that summer is about fun colours and the many amazing moments you have, what better way to remember your summer moments than by capturing them with the new Nokia Lumia 520 which brings your photos to life.

A few people have asked what distinguishes the Nokia Lumia 520 from the other [rad-hl]Nokia Lumia phones[/rad-hl] even if they all run on the Windows platform. Briefly i will tell you more about the Nokia lumia 520 and what sets it aside from the Nokia Lumia 620.



Model- Lumia
Design Colours- [rad-hl]Yellow[/rad-hl], [rad-hl]Red[/rad-hl], [rad-hl]Black[/rad-hl], [rad-hl]White[/rad-hl], [rad-hl]Blue[/rad-hl]
Screen size-4Inch
Camera- 5MP with 4x Zoom
Resolution- 800×480-Pixel
Screen Technology- Touch Screen: Super-sentive
Memory- 512 MB- Expandable memory to 64GB
Processor- Dual-core 1 GHz
Connectivity- 2G/3G
Sensor- Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer & Proximity sensor
Battery life- 14.8hr-9.6hr (Standby 360hr- Music playback 61hrs)
Sim- Micro-sim (Single Sim)

Add ons: The Nokia Lumia comes with already installed Microsoft office to make your office mobile with you. With up to Free 7GB storage space on Microsoft SkyDrive you can easily sync up files between your computer and your phone. It possesses free Music as well as access to thousands of your favorite App’s in the windows store such as (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, YouTube, Games like Angry Birds, Temple Run & many more)


Nokia Lumia 520 x Nokia 620

Apart from being a lot more cheaper and affordable at a discounted price on Jumia (N24,895), The Nokia lumia 520 differs itself from the Nokia lumia 620 released in December 2012. The[rad-hl]Nokia Lumia 520[/rad-hl]has a slightly bigger Screen ( 4inch) compared to Nokia Lumia 620 with 3.18inch and a super-sensitive touch screen.

The [rad-hl]Nokia Lumia 520[/rad-hl] has full access to music with Radio mix which is not available on the Nokia Lumia 620. Indeed both Lumia phones are powered by Windows 8 making both devices accessible to different applications in the windows store, The Nokia lumia 520 has a longer battery life than the 620 with over 360hours on Standby.

Even though the [rad-hl]Nokia Lumia 520[/rad-hl] doesn’t come with Led camera Flash light like Nokia Lumia 620, the Nokia lumia 520 makes up for it with its Amazing 4x Zoom Camera Feature bringing your photos to life.

Without a Doubt this is your perfect summer phone, and you can enjoy all the amazing features + more. Also when you buy the Nokia Lumia 520 on Jumia now you get it at a discounted price which is also the best price you can get in Nigeria. Click [rad-hl]Here[/rad-hl]  to buy now

This Article was Written By [rad-hl]Olamide Amosu[/rad-hl]