Spice up your love life | Consider this your orgasm intervention


Your fingers dip below the waist, traveling at a sensuous pace. The lower you go, the anticipation builds. The heart beats faster bracing for the thrill. Your touch has her moaning, begging for more.Your hot passionate kisses; she simply adores…….. Such is the sensual feeling we crave for in the art of love.

The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension while love causes it and frankly morning sex has proven to be more effective than coffee.

Routines can be great—especially at work or at the gym—but they have pretty much no place in your sex life. The thing is, you often don’t even realize you’re slipping into a sex rut until you’ve already fallen…and landed on your side of the bed wearing those sweatpants with the holes in them.

Just about every long-term relationship & married couples eventually experiences some kind of lull in the sex department. This can come in the form of frequency of sex or a lack of excitement during the act itself.

Here a few tips to give your sex life a boost, consider this your orgasm interventon.

Sex Toys: Whether you are single or part of a couple, sex toys can bring your bedroom fun to another level. While shopping, you may find our assortment quite thrilling! Many persons hardly admit to using them, but the euphoria they get in return is epic. If someone admit they use them, you can count yourself lucky. However purchases of these toys are usually very discreet and confidential for obvious reasons.

Sex positions: Try out different positions to add spice to your love life. The Missionary position is no no especially for old couples.

Gifts: You will be surprised at the effect of gifts in turning the switch from off to on. This Valentine’s day is one of the best time to get laid, create ia sensual memorable and make a romantic statement with the right gifts. This is why Jumia has opened a valentine store specially tailored to suit your needs.

Condoms: Cover your stump before you hump. While using a condom makes you a hero in bed by helping you to delay orgasms. It is also important to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

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