The step-by-step guide to surviving the Jumia Black sales season


Now that Jumia Black Friday has started, we hope you know that it doesn’t last forever (it ends on November 25th!)


Make sure your bank account is loaded and ready to go each day. (If you’ve finished your salary, you’re on your own.)


Keep your wish list updated because you deserve all the pampering you can get!


Visit your bank and let them know that if they mistakenly cut your money on top of ‘ATM Maintenance’, they’ll be in trouble. (Shout for the manager well so they’ll take you seriously.)


For those that are serious about this, make sure you clear out your wardrobe and prepare for all the babies you’ve already ordered


When you’re ordering away and your friends say Black Friday is a scam…Don’t mind them, they’re just bad belle people


Has your internet provider been messing up lately? Call and shout for them this minute! (Can’t just be there making people miss the best deals with error message)


Forget light, you and your generator should be like this till Black Friday is over:  (Trusting NEPA will only lead to heartbreak.)


Keep all the phones, laptops and iPads in your house charged, at ALL times. 5 more days is not beans oh!


Start praying everyday against all the oversabi people that want the site to crash. (The devil is a liar! When phone day has not reached!)


For your own good, download the Jumia App NOW so you can monitor all the amazing deals. (Don’t say we didn’t try to help you though).


How you and your squad should set up all your gadgets first thing in the morning before 8 a.m!