Monochrome Monday- Style Inspiration


Today’s Fashion post is tagged Monochrome Monday which was inspired by my colleagues who were beautifully dressed in Monochrome.

How much do you know about Monochrome fashion? Though a lot of  people rock monochrome, only a few know much about it. Monochrome is a combination of white and black on the same outfit. As weird as it sounds, the combination is a classic colour that has been around for a while. Remember the days of black and white television? Yes they once existed and a lot of things where black and white then including fashion.

The Trend that the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra,  John Travolta and many others rocked in the 60’s – 80’s never went anywhere. Monochrome fashion is popping out everywhere you look, whether it is a man wearing a black suit with white shirt or a woman in her corporate look with white shirt and black pencil skirt on stunning black heels. These days there’s rarely any red carpet without a popping monochrome outfit to catch your eyes and even runway shows have taken a lot from the classic 60’s fashion trend to re-invent them on their catwalks.

That’s a bit about the retro monochrome. Now take a look at what re-inventing monochrome is like with my colleagues styles. I love how she jazzed up her monochrome look not in the common very corporate style but a bit playful and casual yet you will agree with me that She still looked smart and classic.

Check Out how our Fashion Buyers Pulled off the Classic Monochrome Fashion On a Monday

Jola and Tosin Monochrome

Right: Tosin ‘Fashion Buyer’ styles her Monday look with Simple sleeveless white V-neck on Pencil Black Skirt and finishes her look with ravishing Red Toms Plimsolls.

Left: Jolaade ‘Fashion Buyer’ rocks a White Long-sleeve Shirt on Black boyfriend crop pants with Black Flat bejeweled Pumps.

As Seen in the pictures you can rock the classic look even with the simplest casual look and still get spotted in the crowd. Monochrome is here, has been here and its not going anywhere.

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This Article Was Written by [rad-hl]Olamide Amosu[/rad-hl]