Sweet lips. Electrifying Eyes! Snag Your Bae in 4 Easy Steps


So, you have a 30th birthday party coming up and you want to look your absolute best. After all bae is scarce and you must marry before 2018.

You’ve got your dress, your shoes and your hair is laid. Then you call up the hottest make-up artist on IG to give you the face beat of the century! Sweet lips, electrifying eyes! You have the perfect look in mind. You just can’t believe your ears when in this Buhari regime, the makeup artist is calling tens of thousands of Naira. But the show must go on; so you’re going to attempt to beat your own face. How hard can it be right? You go girl! We have a list of some of the tools you’ll need and how you can get there without breaking the bank (or your dollar). Let’s go!

1.Get Fresh…and So Clean

2. Protect and Shield

3. Lay the right Foundation

The tools you use to apply your make-up will make or break how it looks. Some people would rather use their finger, but a good brush set will always give you that professional look. Universal 12pcs Pro Makeup Brush Set with Pouch.

  • Foundation, concealer and powder are the basics we love to steal from mum’s make-up bag on a regular, but it’s always better to have a favorite of your own. Our pick? Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation

4. Shine Your Eyes, Steal the Show

What are your own favorite makeup secrets and beauty finds in Nigeria? How are you stretching your glamour budget?

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The #BeJumiaSmart Team
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