Surprised? It isn’t as complicated as you think it is.  There seem to be many breakups these days and a lot of people seem to point at technology but there is so much good it can do to relationships.

Years back before the advent of the internet where the process of communicating was only by post. Quick analogy, your wife isn’t present in the country and she finds out she is pregnant and decides to pass a message across to you through post and it takes about 14 days before the message gets across. Getting a news like that after so long is enough to kill a man. Now tech connects the divide, no reason to pass messages and not get a reply instantaneous.  Without constant communication, there is tendency for a break in connection. With technology, you bring the far world right to your doorstep.

So how does technology make you better?


The occasional together selfies help in creating a bond. According to Dr. Andrea Letamendi, a clinical psychologist, “Self-captured images allow young adults and teens to express their mood states and share important experiences,”. She looks unhappy, just bring out your phone, hold her tight and take that picture. It could brighten her day. Make funny videos and pictures and send them to your partner, shows you care.


Your partner is the really talking type and goes on and on about how his/her day went but you know you are the forgetful type.  Bad combo! Well, it could work. Trust me, you don’t want to forget what your just partner told you. Why not whip out your notepad on your phone or PC and type in the key points of the details told to you. Better safe than sorry! Also, you never run out ideas when they pop into your head and you quickly note them down. The best ideas always come to us unconsciously. Just use it to your advantage and ignore the negativities that surround it.


Rough day; your boss yapping you on missing a deadline, rent is due any moment and you are cash strapped, and you are at the corner of the office picturing when the misfortunes would end suddenly, your phone beeps. “must be another bad news’’, your mind says to you as you pull out. Turns out its your partner sending you a sexy message and your face suddenly brightens up.

Ever been in this situation? I know I have. Text, IM messages have a profound way of being personal and touching us in places we didn’t know exist before bringing about emotional comfort at that particular moment.

Also set out times to watch his/ her favourite TV shows, might not look like much but that feeling of care dwells.  Just a little push is all that is needed for a frown to change to a smile. With the advancement of technology, you can impact the way you interact with your better half. Enjoy it.