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Hello Guys,

A random fact about me is that I am big on gadgets/mobile phones. I’m not trying to be proud but its almost like I have a passion for collecting them. At the moment,  I have 3 phones (2 smart phones and A regular),[rad-hl]blackberry[/rad-hl],[rad-hl]iphone[/rad-hl] and [rad-hl]Nokia Asha[/rad-hl]. I always heard about [rad-hl]tecno phones[/rad-hl] and the first thought that always comes to my mind is “China Phone” because they are really cheap. Recently, they launched the [rad-hl]Tecno Phantom [/rad-hl] which changed my mindset instantly and completely

You might have heard about [rad-hl]Tecno Phones[/rad-hl] from when they used to make clones of other brands and sell at a really cheap price aka China phone. People of a certain class dismiss this brand because of the previous perception the brand had when coming into the Nigerian market.

[rad-hl]Tecno[/rad-hl] has moved from a brand that used to clone to a more sophisticated mobile phone maker with their recent array of mobile phones. Even though I have never bought a[rad-hl]tecno phone[/rad-hl] but with the new changes in the [rad-hl]New Tecno Phantom[/rad-hl], I was more than impressed with how innovative they were with this new device.


The [rad-hl]Tecno Phantom A1[/rad-hl] is my ‘Phone Champion’ of this month. They literally pushed all the other gadgets away for me and other gadget freaks. So it brought up this question

What makes the very affordable[rad-hl]tecno Phantom [/rad-hl] stand on the same level as other Sophisticated smart phones ?

Here are my reasons;

1. The[rad-hl] Tecno Phantom [/rad-hl] comes with the new android 4.1.1 operating system which is the same as that of the [rad-hl]Samsung galaxy s3[/rad-hl]

2. The camera is really sharp and can also be used for a little professional video recording. It has the same mega pixel as a [rad-hl]Nokia Lumia 920[/rad-hl](8.0 mega pixel)

3.  It comes with 1GB inbuilt memory storage for music and pictures which can also be expanded with a Memory card of up to 32GB

4.  Connect directly and with incredible speed  to the internet with a 3.5G network connectivity with options of GPRS and Edge to reduce battery usage.

5.  The [rad-hl]tecno [/rad-hl] comes with inbuilt video and audio player for listening to your music. You can also download movies and watch directly from your phone as it supports different video types such as AVI/MP4/3GP

6.  The [rad-hl]tecno phone[/rad-hl] is sleek, slim and light weight.

7.  The [rad-hl]tecno [/rad-hl] comes with a very smart multi Torch screen for easy swiping and for application multi-tasking.

8.  With the [rad-hl]Tecno F7[/rad-hl] you have all your favourite social media networks at your finger tips such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin

9.  The [rad-hl]Tecno F7[/rad-hl] comes with a mobile portable power bag for charging your phone without electricity. It is suitable for busy people and those always travelling. The power bag can charge your phone up to 2 times full battery and Torch light when it is dark.

10. The Android market is also available on the [rad-hl]Tecno F7[/rad-hl] for easy access to the world of applications for download of your favorite applications like Temple Run, Angry Bird, Whats App, Viber and many more

11.  [rad-hl]Tecno F7[/rad-hl] has FM Radio connectivity so when you are on the move you can listen to your favourite Radio On-Air personalities and music.

12.  The new [rad-hl]Tecno Phone[/rad-hl]  has Hotspot and Wifi connectivity. For easy internet use you can save your data and connect to your wifi or you can use your phone as an internet hotspot to connect your laptop and use free internet from your phone.

13.  Finally the [rad-hl]Tecno F7[/rad-hl] is as good as most of the common smart phones with similar features but very Affordable compared to others.

All these and a lot more to discover in the new Smart Phone [rad-hl]Tecno F7 phantom[/rad-hl] that is very affordable with the best price in Nigeria for N34,995. Buy on jumia now and get your [rad-hl]Tecno F7[/rad-hl] Delivered to your doorstep.

5 thoughts on “The Phone Champion”

  1. But this phone is 33k in the markets, why the unnecessarily different price here?

  2. how many days will it take u 2 deliver kitchen untensil for me in Jos? I use f7 presently.

    1. Good day Gideon,

      It will take 1-5 working days from the day you place your order to get your Kitchen utensils delivered to you. Kindly click on this link>>> to order online for your kitchen utensils and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

      Thank You

  3. Pls I’m seriosly in nid of dis Tecno f7 Phantom. Can I also call ur number to place my order?

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