Exclusive: Top 8 Deals You Can Get on Jumia this week


After asking, “Is this the Eid where Muslims kill rams?” all year long, I hope you ate as much meat as you hoped to during the just concluded Salah celebrations. As for me, my body still aches from all the salah planning and preparations at my family house, but I wouldn’t trade the beauty of seeing my family members and friends for anything in the world.

Now that the Salah holidays are over, it’s back to business! Last week, I gave 5 tips on how to avoid buying fake products online which you can read here, This week, I will be sharing with you the best-kept secret since Nigeria’s smokey jollof recipe. Stay locked for the top deals you can find at the best prices on Jumia Nigeria today.

The cost of things is scary!

Someone on Twitter tweeted, “How much have you saved so far in the year?” and someone responded “I have saved my life!”, I must say, that was the most relatable thing I saw the whole week!

Savings is a luxury for many of us because we can barely afford the basic things we need to keep going on a daily. The cost of things these days is an indicator that adulthood is after my life. Spaghetti that my mom was sending me to buy for ₦80 a few years ago is over ₦400 now that I am buying it with my money. Kai!

While I don’t have the magic to take the cost of spaghetti back to ₦80 or even less, I can at least share with you pages to some of the items we have on Jumia at the most competitive prices you can find. In other words, I am beating my chest that you will not find these prices anywhere else.

Top deals on Jumia

If you have been scouting for great offers on electronics like smart TVs, home theatres, fridges, washing machines, blenders, etc. search no more! Click here to find electronic items with a 20% discount or more.

Some of the top electronics we have at amazing discounts are:

1. WEYON 32″ Inches LED TV – Black + 1 Year Warranty

The WEYON TV is highly affordable with a LED screen that show vibrant colors. Enjoy ultraclean view, HD picture quality, accurate color production and excellent sound quality at only ₦46,990 (Price at time of publish). 

2. Haier Thermocool 2.5kVA/2.0kW Single Phase Petrol Electric start Generator

The powerful Haier Thermocool 2.5KVA 2KW Single phase petrol generator Bobo 2800ES is the generator for you. It is portable, fuel efficient and built with 100% copper coil so you know you are getting the best of the best. The automatic voltage regulator changes voltage automatically to maintain the engine’s optimal performance with low noise. Buy at only ₦214,920 (Price at the time of publish).

3. Skyrun 85 Litres Double Door Top Mount Fridge

The Skyrun 85L Fridge is the one for your home. It has a fast-cooling technology and an anti-rust designs that makes it highly durable. Do not worry about the energy consumption level of the fridge as it is highly energy-saving. Buy now at ₦95,000 (Price at time of publish)

4. Nexus 1HP Split Air Conditioner – White + Full Installation Kit

The Nexus 1HP Split Air Conditioner has a durable design, it is very efficient and reliable too. lt also comes in an elegant and compact design. The amazing split unit AC operates quietly, and it cools  and leaves your room feeling fresh almost immediately you switch it on. It delivers top performance at all times due to its high-efficiency internal lead copper pipe. Buy now at ₦142,990 (Price at the time of publish).

5. TCL 32 Inches DLED HD TV + 12 Months Warranty

The TCL Digital LED TV is a brilliant fusion of stylish design and innovative features, making it the ideal TV for any living room. Enjoy The Creative Life with the TCL 32 720p 60Hz LED HDTV with a variety of inputs, including HDMI and USB to turn your television into a multifunctional, multimedia entertainment system. Shop now at ₦59,400 (Price at time of publish)

Top Deals on Mobile Phones and Accessories

For phone lovers like me, you can discover the best deals on mobile phones and accessories here. Here are some of the best deals we have on phones this week:

6. Galaxy A14 6.6″ 4GB RAM/64GB ROM Android 13 – Black 

The Samsung Galaxy A14 mobile device is currently one of the most durable android phones produced. With an infinite display quality camera and strong 4G connection, it is a giveaway at a ₦93,600 (Price at time of publish). Shop now to enjoy quality and affordability.

7. Redmi A2+ 6.52 Inches 2GB RAM 32GB ROM, 5000mAh- Black

The Xiaomi Redmi A2 is an embodiment of quality and affordability. With a 4G LTE internet, top quality camera and highly vibrant screen, ₦45,990 (Price at time of publish) is a great price to buy. Shop now!

8. A60 6.6″ HD+ 2GB RAM/32GB ROM Android 12 – Black – 

The itel A60 is one of the latest devices from itel. With a high speed 4G internet, a 6”6 HD screen, and a 5,000mAh battery, the itel embodies quality and affordability. Buy now at ₦43,530 on Jumia.

Grocery shoppers are not left out, shop affordable groceries at mouth watering discounts here and lastly, for fashion enthusiasts who want the best prices on highly fashionable clothing and accessories, you can find amazing deals here.

Now that you have first class information on these top deals, you had better rush them before someone else does.

I am still Amina, your girl for exclusive deals, offers, updates and tips.

Stay Jiggy, shop Happy!