Top Must-Have Kitchen Assistants


No, not maids. I’m talking hardcore helps that serve you with the brute drive they were created for. Be honest, the 9-5 life can be excruciating. Living in a traffic ridden and extremely busy city, nobody has time for extra stress. I mean who wants to spend hours in the kitchen? Am I Mama Basira? Dicing, chopping, grinding, pounding, slicing, mixing and what not.

And if you are like me who appreciates good homemade meals, then you’d understand why this is so important.

Picture getting home late. Alone, tired, hungry, craving. Wouldn’t you love a quick, sumptuous snack? What you would give for the perfect help, right? Yes! Thank us later.

Meet the 10 Kitchen Assistants & why:

Onion and Vegetable chopper

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Pineapple slicer


Food Processor

Plantain slicer

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Smart Oven

Kitchen Assistants
Apple slicer

Corn stripper

Kitchen Assistants

Juice extractor

Kitchen Assistants
Multifunction Rice cooker and Deep Fry

Coffee Maker

Kitchen Assistants


What’s your best Kitchen assistance & why? Share in the comments below.

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