Valentine Gift Guide – Selecting the perfect Valentine Gift

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The hype around the Valentine season always climaxes on Vals day and trust me, it boils down to the gifts. A friend once told me how she got the best gift ever for her music loving bf who loves opera. She packaged the oldest opera CDs and wrapped it specially with a music-box type wrapper and we were all wowed by the idea because it was so thoughtful and sweet.

You can also create that wow effect like my friend this valentine if you pick out the best gifts for your loved one. If you have not been to the Jumia valentine store yet then you must think you have so much time to buy gifts because there are 101 amazing gifts waiting  to be selected from the store. To make things even better for you, there is also a gift guide section that fits into the perfect gift you could get for him or her this valentine.

The main thing you should have on your mind at this moment is what should I buy for him or her? Gifts are given based on personality traits which starts from knowing the person’s taste and style. It’s definitely not an easy task to select a gift  but I would advice you start by Making a list

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– What does he or she like (Cloths, gadgets, shoes, fashion accessories, Books?

– What does he or she want randomly?

– What is his/her best color – For ladies, you can buy them a gadget with their best color and men an accessory with their best color

– Romantic or not? This depends on the person. Some people are not big on the idea of valentine so they might not be wowed if you build your gift around sentimental things (Roses)

– Is the person more of a toned down low-key person

– Likes surprises?

– Likes gifts? Yes this is important some people prefer treats like spa, romantic get away to gifts

With all of the above factored in, you can then proceed to the [rad-hl]Jumia valentine store[/rad-hl] to select from our array of over 101 gifts. Happy Shopping!!!

This article was written by Olamide Amosu