Vintage style on Jumia


Vintage is the style of a previous era and there has been a fascination for making the old new again. Shows like Downton Abbey and Mad Men or movies like The Great Gatsby have had an influence on style and raised the world’s interest in vintage.

Jumia Nigeria has heard the call for vintage style and has answered with the new ‘Retrospective’ shop.

The new vintage category includes styles and accessories from the Victorian era to the 90s. Visitors to the Retrospective shop on Jumia will have their fill of an even wider range of hand-picked clothing for men and women, both new and/or kept in mint condition from past iconic decades.

Items such as party dresses, sequins, designer shoes, western shirts, limited edition designer jeans, Celtic trinkets, brooches, cameos, Art Deco pieces, gemstone jewels, silk scarves, handmade tooled leather and skin bags, clutches, purses, belts, braces, ties and sunglasses – including designer-signed pieces; are just a few of the gems to be found in the Retrospective Shop on Jumia

If your love of fashion finds you longing for one-of-a-kind garments, the Retrospective shop is the first and only place to look and with Jumia’s nationwide delivery, your treasures will arrive at your doorstep.

vintage clothing at Jumia        vintage styles on Jumia

Shop the Jumia Retrospective shop for style and value

This article was written by Damilola Owosekun

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