How Do You Wanna End The Year?


How do you want to end the year 2017? We are approaching the end of the year, scratch that, we’re already there! Everyone one of us wants to end the year on a high note just like we started it. Don’t you just wish that you could always maintain the momentum with which you start every year?! While the year may not have gone the exact way you wanted it to, there are a few things you can get done to ensure that come the night of December 31st, you will have a sense of fulfillment and be more enthusiastic about 2018.

Tick off your goals

2017 2018 goals Jumia Nigeria


Some of the major highlights of our year are those milestones we’ve set for ourselves. Nothing beats the sweet thrill and excitement that come when you accomplish a goal you set for yourself. So take a look at them again, is it a certification, a trip or a part of your lifelong bucket list, pick something out of the list and get it done. Take a look at that bucket list


Spend time with family (and friends)


Yes, you may be busy and have a never-ending schedule yet in the end who or what are we working for? For most of us, it’s to make life easier for those who matter to us. While they appreciate all that you give, they’d also love a bit of your time. It could be an extra hour to watch a favourite TV show before bed or a Sunday evening hangout. Bottomline, make time for the people in your life.



Aha! We usually don’t like to hear this one. Did someone hurt you sometime this year, I’d say definitely! Do find a way to forgive them.  You don’t wanna step into the new year with all that baggage. Your mind is too precious and useful. So, forgive, make that call, send that text. Move on, chances are the person may have even forgotten!

Give yourself a treat


First of all, because you deserve it! If you’re a hardworker like Nigerians are known to be, you would have been heavily on your grind all year long. Now is the time to give yourself some much-earned treat. Splurge, buy yourself something nice. YOLO!