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Being perfectly well-dressed gives one a tranquility that no religion can bestow. Dressing smartly as a man is good business and is always accompanied by an attractive aura. Here are a few wardrobe essentials that every man must have.

Khaki Pants: A fitted Khaki pant is important wardrobe essential because its a utility wear and fit almost any occasions.

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Sneakers: They are comfortable smart causal footwears that combine style with street cred.

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A pair of Jean: Expensive designer jeans have oversaturated the market and most of them are burdened with all sorts of unappealing details. Buy a pair in solid dark blue that is free of unnecessary accoutrements.

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Sweaters: Wearing a sweater is a surefire way to look put together. Depending on what lies ahead, wear one on its own or over a button-up shirt for a dressier occasion.

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Blazers: A blazer is the backbone of a man’s closet. It can be paired with almost anything and it lends itself to different styles whether you want to look preppy, modern or traditional.

White Shirt: A crisp white shirt seems like a no-brainer but it always gets passed over for more colorful designs. It goes with every tie you own, every suit you own, and every color in your wardrobe.

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Wrist Watch: A good wrist watch shows sofistication. Pick a watch that is sleek and stylish.

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Grey Suit: When picking a suit, skip the black and go for the more elegant and versatile gray version. Pick one that has an exacting tailored shape. A sharp look comes at a steep price.

Black shoes: It’s time to dump the squared toed shoes in the garbage because they make you look like you are in the 80s. Earn style points by picking a slim pair with a rounded or pointed toe

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Briefcase: Less is more does not only apply to your clothes. Let it be the dictum for your style arsenal as well. When buying a briefcase, skip the logos and go for something that’s handsomely crafted with a quiet authority.

Please feel free to add more to the list and also visit Jumia today for your assortment of men’s fashion items.