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A modern woman’s wardrobe? Should it be full of crisp office wear or slouchy self-employment separates? Does she wear floral dresses in the dry season or stick religiously to androgynous silhouettes? The psychological make-up of women are diverse and makes it difficult to identify a single set of staples

Whether you’re in the situation where you need to start a wardrobe from scratch, or you’re looking to re-build your pre-existing wardrobe, we have identified core pieces that every woman wardrobe should possess

Sweater: A sleek sweater is great with jeans and just about everything else besides the primary function of keeping you warm.

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Denim Jacket- A basic denim jacket –no fraying, holes, or acid-washed rinse –should be a daytime standard.

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Wallet: At this point, you’ve probably passed that phase in your life where cheap wallets were necessary (in case they were left at bars, of course). Upgrade yourself to a sleek new wallet that doubles as a casual clutch

Black single-sole heel: Black pumps will forever be the gold standard of heels and would fit perfectly with almost any attire.

Jewelry: You’ve owned your share of statement jewelry, but a gold necklace with a pave pendant is the kind of thing you can wear every day for the rest of your life.

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Blazer: Even if you dont work in a prim and proper office, every woma should atleast have one blazer that is a flattering to her silhouette. If it doesnt fit right of the bat, this is where your trusted tailor comes in.

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Scarf: A scarf is a chic accessory that instantly upgrades an outfit. Try and find one that is 100% silk as the breathable fabric will keep you warm when its cold, but is cool enough to wear through when the weather is warm.

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Jeans: Whether they are flared, cropped, skinny, or bootcut, every woman needs a pair of jeans that makes their butt look good. Instant mood-booster!

Non-Branded Carryall bags: This bags should be large enough to carry your essentials and sturdy enough for every wear and tear.

Diamond studs: Diamond studs, even faux ones, are a class act at any age.

Sunglases: When you invest in a pair of sunglasses, the likelihood of you forgetting them at brunch decreases significantly.

Silk Blouse: A silky blouse is perfect for days when you’re feeling bloated but still want to look put-together.

Black Ankle Boot: In the past decade the black ankle boot has become as necessary as a white T-shirt. You likely already own a pair, but this heeled option in suede will easily transition from day to night.

Leather belt: You might be well past the stage of hiking your pants up with a shoelace, but a classic belt like this one by Frame Denim will make jeans and a T-shirt so much chicer.

Little Black Dress (LBD): The little black dress is a no-brainer basic, so we’ll just let this asymmetrical dress by Whistles do the talking.

Midi Skirt: This might seem like the skirt du jour, but the cut of this Tibi option is a classic. It fits snug at the hips and flares at the knees, giving you a subtle vavavoom silhouette that is still appropriate for the workplace.

Wrap Coat: There’s something mature and luxurious about this wrap coat, like you’d rather be swathed in cashmere and tied at the waist than buttoned up in a peacoat. It’s low-key glam

White Sneakers: We love a good running shoe, but classic white kicks are a casual basic that will go with everything from cropped slacks to an LBD

Strappy Sandals:Do these sandals look familiar? They should be, because they’re worn by just about every celebrity on the red carpet. They go with denim just as well as they do with an Oscar-worthy gown.

Ballerines: I used to think ballet flats were too feminine, but once I bought a pair, you couldn’t stop me from wearing them.

Red lipstick: This is not an item of clothing or an accessory, but it is necessary that to have yourshade of red by now. Whether you’re a warm scarlet or prefer an electric crimson with blue undertones, find a red that complements your skin tone.