Full Guide: The Perfect Washing Machine for Your Home


Buying a washing machine could be quite easy but buying the right one is where most consumers miss the mark. The market is so filled with a large variety and this could make an intending buyer indecisive. To keep you away from the horror of indecision, Jumia has put together a buyer’s guide to help you make the best choice.

Factors you need to consider

1. Size

washing machine- buying guide

Trying to put a large washing machine in a small space is like trying to put a house in your pocket. That’s why you need to consider the size of the space where you want your washing machine to be kept. The room area needs to be measured as it will determine the size of the washing machine to buy. Generally, the size of a standard washing machine is 85 cm high x 59-60 cm wide x 50-60 cm deep and we have a variety of washing machines of this size with different drum capacity on our website.

2. Drum Capacity

The drum capacity of a washing machine is the weight of dry clothes that can be washed safely in the machine. The drum capacity of most washing machines range from 6KG to 8KG. It is advisable you buy a drum capacity that meets your need.

3. Drum Material

The drum could either be made of stainless steel, plastic or porcelain enamel. The porcelain enamel is the most affordable but is less durable than the others. The stainless steel is the best in terms of durability and ability to withstand high spin speed.

4. Wash Settings

Most machines have preset wash programs, such as ‘gentle wash’ for delicate clothes, and water level options. You can customize and save favourite settings.

5. Time delay & Pre-soak

  • Time delay function allows you to choose the finishing time of your washer or drier. This means that the washer or dryer stops spinning when the selected duration is over.
  • The pre-soak facility allows you to soak the clothes for a specified period, after which the wash cycle begins to spin automatically. This function serves at those times that you want some quietness

6. Power Requirement

It is important to ensure that the washing machine you intend to buy conforms to local electrical standard. One of the most important power ratings is the voltage supply. The voltage supply in most African countries ranges between 220-240V.

7. Spin Cycle for Drying

The capacity of the spin cycle is measured as revolutions per minute (rpm). The level of the rpm determines how fast the spin cycle dries your clothes. Delicate clothes require about 300-500 rpm while thick items require about 1000 rpm

8. Spin Speed

The spin speed refers to how many times a washing machine drum spins within a minute and it is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). Preset washing machines have their spin speed already set and it is recommended when you have a particular type of workload. But it is important to note that most washing machines allow you to adjust the spin speed if you want to.

9. Energy Rating

This is the amount of energy the washing machine requires to carry out its task. The energy efficiency rate classes from A to G with ‘A’ being the most efficient. Examples of low energy consuming washing machines are:

10. Brand

Washing machines come in different brands and we have a variety of these brands on our website. The popularity of brand varies from place to place. In Nigeria, the popular brands include Midea, Nexus, Hisense, LG, Scanfrost, Haier Thermocool, Century, Polystar, Qasa, Restpoint, Binatone, Samsung, Skyrun, Syinix, Boscon, Eurosonic, Panasonic which are all available on our website.

11. Warranty

A warranty is a guarantee given to the purchaser by the manufacturer promising to repair or replace the item if necessary within a period of time. Warranties most times last for years and this means years of protection against certain losses. But it is important to note that the fault must not be as a result of user’s carelessness or abuse.

Washing machine brands with warranty include Century 6kg Twin Tub Washing Machine and Nexus 7kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine.  

12. The Price

Before buying an item, it is clever to first of all consider the price and ensure that it is what you can afford. As the features of a washing machine increase so does the price. JUMIA offers washing machines at various prices all available on our website.

You can shop for washing machines below N50000 here and for those above N50000, you can click here.

washing machine buying guide

Types of Washing Machines

There are four main types of Washing Machines. These are:

1. Semi-automatic washing machine

This type of washing machine is partially automatic which means that tasks like moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer would have to be performed by you. Semi-automatic washing machines are always top loads.

2. Fully-automatic washing machines

The functions of the fully-automatic washing machines are carried out by the touch of related buttons. This type of washing machine could either be a front load or a top load and it comes with a single tub that performs the function of washing, drying and rinsing of clothes.

3. Top load washing machine

This kind of machine is loaded from the top and could either be fully-automatic or semi-automatic.

4. Front-load washing machines

A front-load washing machine is loaded from the front and functions automatically. This type of washing machine often yields a better result and consumes less water than the top loads.


When buying a washing machine, it is best to patronize the authorized dealers because they have a direct relationship with the manufacturers and would often offer you a warranty.

Washing machines have a long life span and if you buy a wrong one, you might have to live with it for a very long time. That is why you should shop our selection of washing machines, by using our search feature to find various washing machines and the price filter to narrow search. You are assured quality and affordability.