Watch Adele say ‘Hello’ to the World


Adele is back! After a week full of short song snippets and Twitter teasing, fans can finally see the full-length video for Adele’s latest single, reintroducing herself with a slightly tentative “Hello”. Hardly has a single word been loaded with so much meaning and emotion. From the opening piano chord and that very first hello she sounds nervous, sad, determined.

A beautiful song of loss and regret, it takes a grip on the kind of memory every listener holds somewhere in their heart and merges it with Adele’s own drama. The complete album is set to be released on Nov. 25 and I know we can’t just wait.

Now, Let me give you three reasons why

  1. It is ADELE!!! She is a music prodigy. Adele unravels every tight knit theories about music, turns any music-tested precepts into a wad of thread.She is simply oil and water living harmoniously and you definitely want to catch a glimpse of this spectacle
  2. After what feels like forever, Adele has finally returned with a typically perfect new song. 3 years is a enough for you to want to catch a glimpse of her on TV.
  3. It would be a punishment listening to her latest piece ‘Hello’ and not watching it on high definition TV.

Hello everyone! Click here to partake of the Mega TV Blast as we anticipate her album in November.