7 Simple Ways To Stay Fit & Healthy On A Low Budget


We all want to live a fit and healthy life, isn’t that true? Well, I could hear you say “going to the gym is not for everyone or any low-income earner being that gym session is expensive”. You need not worry, we are here to let you know that there are affordable options to stay fit, healthy and be at your best even if you live on a budget. Going to the gym involves money, time, dedication than we truly care for. The gym is not completely required if you desire a fit and healthy life.

Below are our best options.

Try Workout Videos

Take time out to search for YouTube videos that promote exercises you can engage yourself at home or in your compound if you have a big or decent compound. Don’t forget you need to put appropriate safety measures in place because you don’t want to get hurt for getting fit or get others injured in the course of your exercises.


Join or Form Local Groups

You and your friends can form local groups that meet to carry out fitness activities or routines together. Moral support from the member of the group will go along way in helping you to stay focus on your routine. With the help of social media networks, you can easily connect with people that share your views on health and fitness online. However, one thing you do not want is to get in the wrong group with people of questionable character, hence, a background check on every member of the group would be necessary. You can also ask a friend if they are willing to be your work out partner so that you can both motivate each other.


Avoid Processed or Junk Food

Make sure you eat fresh foods, avoid consuming processed and junk foods. You need to stay off fatty foods, snacks and roadside foods as most of them are not healthy for consumption. Eating out may not be a great idea, ensure always prepare meals that will help you eat he althy when you are on the go. Endeavour to eat enough vegetables and fruits daily. You can also make yourself protein shakes with fruits and vegetables.


Drink More Water

Water is life! Make sure you drink enough water every day. You might be eating healthy, but you are bent on consuming fizzy drinks with flavoured beverages which are not healthy for you. Water is cheaper, affordable and more accessible when compared to the fizzy drinks out there. So, always try to drink more water and less sweetened drinks. Dietary practitioners recommend we drink up 4 750ml water bottles daily.


Get Outdoors or Stay Indoors

A 2-kilometre walk out from your home every day will go a long way in keeping up your fitness level. Putting on your running shoes, sneakers or trainers and walk some distance around your locality. If you are busy to get involved in a long walk, then running up and down your stairs, press-ups, squats, and star jumps are also a good way of keeping fit without going to the gym.


Join Sport Teams

You don’t have to be a Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Kobe Bryant or a professional athlete before you can be involved in sporting activities in your community, school or office. Get involved in the sport you love. Some sport might require you to join before you can be allowed to take part but not all needs that commitment. There are lots of playgrounds out there in your school or community that offers free facilities such as the football field, basketball or tennis courts etc. You can look around for the available one in your environment. Time at the pool would also go a long way in keeping fit.


Finally: Join The Gym

If you are keen on going to the gym, you can take out time to search for gym centres in your area for one that offers the best deal. You can also check if what they offering is within your pocket size because you don’t want to go broke after paying for gym sessions. So, you’ve got to find one that offers low-wage discounts. There are tons of fitness centres out there with modern equipment that will help you attain your desired fitness level, you just have to figure out which one is best for you.


If you are looking for fitness and training wears such as running shoes, yoga leggings, wrist or armband for smartphones that will help you stay focus. There are several gym accessories online that will help you through your routine at the lowest prices.

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