Welcome Back To Nigeria, Oh Ye IJGB!


Congratulations! You’ve graduated! We at Jumia are SO proud of you! And we’re sure your parents are too. So proud in fact that they gifted you with the gift that just keeps on giving even when you beg it to stop: a one-way ticket to Nigeria.

You thank them profusely, you’re so excited and you just can’t wait to get back. You’ve seen the baby boy life that your mates are living and you are ready to be among! Also, because pound sterling is now expensive and your visa is expiring.

The plane ride is short and sweet and you arrive at Murtala Mohammed Airport, or Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, or whichever airport tickles your fancy. The newly air conditioned terminal welcomes you and immigration is not as dramatic as it used to be. For those few hours, you think you’re going to be just fine in Nigeria. We don’t doubt that, but we’d like you to be prepared in case that bubble bursts. And it will.

First you’ll need a place with a lock and key to keep your accent, and your sanity like this fireproof safe by the brand Yale. Next, you’ll need a sunscreen and a fan so that the heat does not just kill you. We recommend this portable 16 inch rechargeable Super Sleeper fan and the lightweight effectiveness of Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen that doesn’t add to the sweat. If you’re not coming from the UK and its environs, your devices and the wall sockets everywhere in Nigeria will disagree, save yourself the heartache with this very affordable Universal wall socket adapter. While you’re at it, invest in a hard core Anker PowerCore power bank because you’ll spend half your life charging your devices anyway.

Jumia also sells generators and inverters, so we’ve got you if your needs go beyond rechargeable lamp, rechargeable fan and mosquito repellent. When it all gets too much for you though, let us help you get away from it all with Jumia’s Travel Platfrom, Jovago.

From us at Jumia, we’re glad you’re back. It takes some adjustment, but you’re well on your way.

Welcome Home! Welcome Home!