Shine Bright Like a Diamond… What Your Kids Need to Excel This School Year!


Are you ready for the school year?!

We all want our kids to shine, to excel and be the best that they can be.Oh, how it fills our hearts with pride! Like every good thing we desire and aspire to, we know it doesn’t just come. There are things we must do. No, they don’t have to be so extra. You know what they say about simple things that make all the difference. So here are a few things that can set them in the right direction.

Ask them to write down their goals for the School Year

If your child is old enough to ask for chocolates and sweets, then he or she is old enough to have academic goals. You know, something to aspire to.Be available to guide them because they’d have questions. You can help them to make it more specific and of course SMART. The outcome may shock you, in a good way.

Review their Grades from the last Session

We know you’re busy and have a million things to get done.  Parenting is a full-time job! Vet every answer script and details of the result booklet. You may discover certain patterns, strengths as well as areas that need more work. You could even uncover errors in result compilation. Doing them all at once may be overwhelming, you may spread it across one week or two.

Let them rest well for the remaining weeks left of the holiday

learning is a continuous process, however, it is important we take out time to rest. So, in the midst of summer school, summer boot camps and all the activities, ensure your children rest properly ahead of the school year.

Guide them while they pick their Back to School Essentials on

No pressures. Yet, don’t assume that your girl would prefer the pink version of that backpack. Show her the varieties and let her pick her favourite.

Don’t forget the Back to School essay competition. You can save as much as 500,000 naira in tuition this school year!