What’s Up With The Patterns?


Nowadays, fashion is gaining more importance in the lives of many, both men and women. It’s a normal thing for the ladies, but most men these days, pay more attention to what they wear and how they look.

The year 2013 has been great so far, in different ways. The fashion industry in Nigeria has thrived more than some of us could have ever imagined. Trends come and go like the seasons and right now, there’s one particular trend that really interests me; colour blocking trend, denim (which has always been around, but is trending for some reason), shorts, maxis, and so on. Now, I’m talking about the ‘pattern’ trend. You know the part where you put on stripes on polka dots or accidentally wear a check shirt on a striped pair of trousers? Yeah, that.

Well, if you decide to work up some pattern, be sure to do it in a pleasant way so you don’t look like a village masquerade.

To be on a safer side, try to keep things in the same pattern (check on check, stripe on stripe, and so on). Also, make sure that they are of different sizes. If you have a shirt with bold stripes on, the trousers should be with tiny stripes. This, especially, goes out to the men.

You can choose to either use colours in the same family or colours that complement each other. Have some fun with it; there’s no harm in experimenting. Do it with caution, though.

Another thing I find interesting about patterns is that they are quite catchy; you walk into a room and the first thing people notice on you is the striped top or checkered shirt you’re putting on. Well, in my opinion. However way you choose to rock your patterned clothes, do it with style and finesse. If you have a striped or zig-zag top on, don’t bother wearing shoes that have the different or the same pattern. There are a million and one stylish plain coloured shoes that will go with it.

Check yourself out in the mirror before leaving the house and read-up on some fashion blogs and magazines to keep you up to date with the fashion trend. Here in the Jumia Lounge, we don’t miss out on the good stuff.

This post was written by Ifeoma Okolie