Windows vs Apple MacBook: Which is Better?


If you are thinking of buying a laptop, it is safe to say the choice of investing in a Mac or a windows laptop can be really confusing. MacBooks and Windows laptops are both in a league of their own, hence comparing both laptops is normal especially when you are stuck between the sleekness and smoothness of a MacBook or the durability of a windows laptop. One thing we should know is MacBook doesn’t suit everyone and the price tag doesn’t make it affordable but we can’t deny the fact that they are great laptops.

Here are some valid reasons why both Windows laptops and MacBooks are awesome systems but the choice of which is better depends on perspectives.

  1. Cost: Money is a major factor when it comes to buying a new laptop. Besides, it is no news that Apple products are generally expensive which makes the MacBook any different. Yes, there are also expensive windows laptops but the good thing about windows is there is a laptop for everyone depending on your budget. Same can’t be said of a MacBook as the cheapest MacBook prices start from as low as $640 up to $1700 while the Windows laptops start from as low as $240 up to $1500.

2. Different Brands to Choose from: When it comes to choosing which windows laptop brand you want, there is no lack of choices compare to Apple MacBook since they just have MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. There are different manufacturers that run Windows on their products but only Apple run the MacOS. Top brand like Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, Asus, and more produce windows based laptops which each models coming with different specs.


3. Customization: Customization in this sense has to do with upgrading the system hardware accessories for better performance. This is also a perk of the windows laptops, you can easily buy a new RAM and install it, unlike the MacBook. You can do a little tinker of parts on MacBook but MacOS becomes difficult to work with on user-defined customization of MacBooks.

4. Video Games: Windows is unarguably the best gaming laptop out of the two. There are only a fraction of Windows games available on the Mac. Additionally, Windows has better gaming graphics to render high definition games. If playing game is part of your plan for buying a laptop, then windows laptops are the best for this.


5. Commonly Used Ports: Windows laptops still come with commonly used ports such as USB ports, SD Card ports, HDMI ports, LAN ports, Serial Ports and others. MacBook, on the other hand, uses a type c USB ports. If you want to connect things like printers, monitors, and more, you need a type c USB adapter. In situations where the adapter is not available, it becomes impossible to use external accessories with the MacBook.


6. Software: With the Microsoft Office being one of the most used Office software packages, the software runs better on Windows-based laptops. Yes, Microsoft created one compatible with the MacOS, but the windows version comes with more features and is more stable on a Windows laptop.



7. Security: One of the major advantage MacBook has over windows is the security and it is fair to say that is correct. The chances of a MacBook being attacked by a malware or virus is low compared to a Windows laptop. MacBook gives you more protection over your files and folders than a Windows laptop.

Choosing the right laptop in the end still boils down to what you need the laptop for. Whichever the reason is, both Windows laptops and MacBooks are amazing laptops to get.