Jumia Celebrates Workers’ Day


International Workers’ Day is only a few days away and Jumia is looking to celebrate hardworking Nigerians everywhere! Do you know anybody who works his or her socks off and always works up a sweat? You can nominate this person to be the Jumia Employee Of The Year!

To nominate your candidate, you simply need to send an entry of not more than 50 words to [email protected] on why you believe your choice person should win our prestigious Jumia Employee Of The Year award! You would rather go social? No problem! You could also cc your candidate on Twitter or tag him or her on Facebook stating your case in not more than 140 characters!

Entry collection starts now and ends on the 30th where a voting process will be launched to pick out the most deserving candidate! The winner will then be announced on the 1st of May!

Employee Of The Year Competition

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Worker must be Nigerian and resident in Nigeria.
  • Must have been employed [full or part-time] for over one month
  • Must have contributed tangibly to community: Social Care, Charity,  community service etc.
  • Must have demonstrated some level of hard work, dedication and creativity at work.
  • Must not be affiliated to or be an employee [present or Ex] of  Jumia.
  • Entries are open to all employees from all walks of life: policeman, banker, trader etc.

Please Note:

  • You cannot nominate yourself
  • Jumia reserves the right to choose the winner based on our discretion

There you have it! Let’s get voting! Nominate your Mum, Dad, Friend, Boss, Colleague, Subordinate, Influencer, Anybody!! It is time to salute the everyday heroes!

This article was written by Yemi Kuti