10 Affordable Home Appliances You will only get on Jumia at up to 40%


The time is now or never to turn it on! You might buy a fast food and end up feeling like you wasted your money, washing with your clothes with your bare hands can have adverse effect on the hands, a dish washer would very well make you confident to host family and friends. Why don’t you take advantage of Jumia’s Affordable Home Appliances for next 10 days to get more than your moneys worth on all Home Appliances.

Please, allow me the pleasure of being your tour guide around our assortment of Home Appliances.

Washing Machines: Tired of washing with your hands? want to save time? or you want to give it a try for the first time. Now is the time to turn it on.


Affordable Home Appliances

Kettles: The rains have been here and do not seem like they are going anytime soon. Jumia kettles are a smart choice to get you warm water for your coffee or tea.


Gas Cookers: Apart from the speedy delivery of food to hungry folks, it also gives you the freedom to cook different foods on it at the same time with ease. This will save you plenty of time spent on cooking.


Blenders: A lot of dishes require a blend of various ingredients to give you that desired taste so it is wise to integrate a dependable blender like this into your kitchen.

Affordable Home Appliances


Water Dispenser: It is an essential electrical appliance you need at home, office, hotels, schools and other public places for you to get water at just a push of the button. Stay cool at the office or at home with hygienic water that flows from the water dispenser.


Air Fryer: Prefer fried meals without the need for fatty oils and grease?  Air Fryers are your best option so you do not miss out on all things yummmy and junky while at the same time cutting down on the attached risks.

Affordable Home Appliances

Air Conditioner: Be assured you are buying a durable and reliable Air Conditioner designed to provide powerful yet comfortable cooling performance.


Wine Cellar: wine cooler is just the ticket when you need a super stylish location to house your favourite bottles. You’ll love the gorgeous black and stainless steel finish, and with 2 temperature zones, storing red and white wine at the same time will be no problem whatsoever.


Hair Dryer & Straightner: It is essential to have at home as it makes your unkempt hair look beautiful in no time. It helps lock in hair moisture and prevents the hair from frizzing while giving it a shiny look.


Irons: It will ensure that you complete your laundry process leaving your fabrics smooth and neatly ironed with no wrinkles.