Overcoming Monday Blues


Dread Monday mornings? You probably are a happy and positive person, and you may even be satisfied with your job and the people you work with. Either way, the drudgery and toil of a work day on Monday makes you cower a bit, and convinces you with ease that the time on Sundays fly by much faster than any other day of the week. In Harry Song’s voice, ‘After the Raggae, play the blues….’

Whether you’re going to the office or working from home, maybe doing the routine of housework and kids, here are some tips to ease you out of the Monday blues.

Don’t think about it:

The more you think about it, the worse it becomes. One of the most effecient ways to get read of Monday Blues is not think about it. Does it go away? I am almost certain and I bet it will make you feel better.

Start early:

Let’s be real, sometimes its not the Monday Blues that drags us around. Its our laziness or sluggishness from the weekend. We sleep comfortably through the weekend and have fun fullest, our body expects Monday to be the same.

We hit the sleep button and before you know it we are rushing and try to catch up with the day. We all know what happens when we rush. We skip breakfast, little mishaps happen along the way and your weekend starts off on the wrong note.


Have you ever thought of food as a way to combat Monday Blues? Besides the fact that breakfasts are recommended by dieticians, by starting early, allow yourself make a good breakfast or grab one on your way to work.

If you are not a breakfast person, I strongly recommend you give it a try to tackle your Monday Blues. If that doesn’t work, look forward to a nice lunch with a good company.

Listen to Music:

In Bob Marley’s voice, ‘One good thing music, when it hits, you feel no pain…’ Somehow or rather it helps when you turn on the music while you make yourself a up of coffee or tea in the  morning. Trust me, it scares away the morning blues.

Realize it would soon be over:

Every beginning has an end and its the same with Monday Blues. You are mostly affected in the morning so you could silently tell yourself that it is not permanent, its a phase and would pass just like everything else. Don’t dwell on it, before you know, it would be gone.

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