10 commandments of Foundation


Hello Ladies,

It is said that the key to a great complexion is a good foundation and I am sure you might already know this, if not now you do. To me make up is an art and there’s really no limit to how creative you can be . Have you seen a well executed Facial Make over? The transformation is simply amazing in lack of better words. I am always stunned and I say to myself, will I ever get that good? We all don’t have to be make up pro’s but we need to know the essentials to get us through every day, occasion and seasons as well.

My first make up tips or lets say the first thing i learnt about make up asides applying lip gloss (LOL Slowly) is about Applying foundation. I took my 5 minutes lesson from an Avon assistant when i was trying to find the perfect foundation color to blend with my skin. I will share with you what i learnt a few years back which has since stuck with me and i believe you would find really helpful. So here we go;


1: Make sure your skin is hydrated. Cleanse and exfoliate: Exfoliating your skin will help to eliminate dry skin cells and i will recommend the use of Facial scrubs if your skin is oily but if it is dry simply use a dry towel to clean your face. Moisturize your skin with skin moisturizer preferably lotion with no oil base to get the best result.

2: What is your Skin Type? It is important to know your skin type and formulas that complement your skin type so you don’t get your skin worse.  For people with oily skin/pimples use formulas that have no oil-base while hydrating skin forumlas are best for people with normal/soft skin or dry skin. If your skin is sensitive, check with a dermatologist before using skin formulas so you don’t react to skin formulas.

3: The perfect shade: When looking for your new foundation as usual i know a lot of people test colors by swiping a bit on the back of their hands and using that to make their conclusion about their new foundation type. I am not going to say it doesn’t work but it is better you swipe the shade you think best matches around your jawline (Find a part of your face where the colour is slightly dark and also slightly light, sort of a neutral blend). When you apply a bit, walk into natural light e.g sunlight and check out your reflection. To select the perfect foundation, go with the shade that disappears and blends into your skin

4: Stay seasonal: Our skin responds fast to the season e.g during Harmattan most people have dry skin while it is soft during summer,  and rainy season. So don’t stick to the same type of foundation you used during harmattan  for rainy season. As seasons change upgrade your foundation color so you don’t burn your skin when it is too hot or look really dark during harmattan.

5: Getting the perfect complexion: For people with spots, pimples and marks you should use Primer to smoothen your complexion. There are different types of Primer with the same aim to smoothen your complexion.

6: The Concealer: It can be used for a few things like concealing dark spots and highlighting. In this regards you can use less foundation by adding concealer where needed and making your foundation blend in well. You don’t always have to use a concealer, only use if necessary.

7: Perfecting the foundation: Start by putting a few drops of your foundation on your makeup palette. Use the tip of your foundation brush to swipe and lightly pat the foundation on your skin. Work your way around your face starting from the side clockwise and all down to your neck. Don’t forget to include your ears and then smoothen with the brush to finish.

8: The Magic Powder: Use a slightly darker powder to create shadows to help define and contour your face. Use a smaller angled powder brush different from your foundation brush to sweep the powder along your hairline to blend in. Also around your cheekbone sweep the brush drawing a number 3 around near the side of your face unto jawline.

9: Beautiful glow: To get the perfect glow with your make up you should use the Bronzer. You can use the bronzer anytime even during different seasons. Use  your powder brush and sweep a small amount wherever they would naturally hit e.g Your forehead, the centre of your nose, the side of your face and your cheekbone. It will blend in perfectly.

10: The Highlighting Effect: All you need to finish up your look is the Highlighter. It adds instant soft lightning where you need it most. Focus on your eye brow bone underneath your eye brow and the centre of your nose for an instant life. Blend it in well and you are ready to rock.

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You can also share your story with us by leaving a comment below if you obey the 10 commandments of getting the perfect complexion or after trying it. We love to hear from you.