10 New Features of Fifa 16


Fifa 16: 10 New Features you can’t wait to lay your hands

FIFA has always been about condensing the best moments of the real live football matches into short matches that are peppered with incredible volleys, amazing last minute tackles, and sublime one touch football.

FIFA 16 attempts to continue what has been a great run of form for the series over the last five years but everyone will get to decide if they will be happy with the relative drastic gameplay changes that have been introduced. The only people who will really be able to notice these gameplay alterations are those that have played FIFA 15 to death, while more casual players won’t necessarily catch on without knowing about them beforehand.

Some of the key features of FIFA 16 are:

  • Fifa 16 forces you to rely on tactics and techniques rather than strength and speed

Fifa 16

  • Easier defensive controls and smarter AI


  • Midfield opens up on the offense and defenders are smarter on the midfield

Fifa 16

  • In FIFA 16 you have only realistic fast breaks like you would see in a football match on TV


  • In FIFA 16 the keepers are smarter, taking better positions for shots on goal and from my gaming experience keepers are more aggressive in FIFA 16


  • The passing mechanics in FIFA 16 are more fluid and there is an option to deliver better placement and more powerful passes


  • You have more control over a shot, and if you try to strike the shot on your first touch there is a very good chance that it will go wild


  • The FIFA 16 Women’s players look like realistic versions of the teams


  • A skilled player can leave the ball sit-still and fake out a defender with the new no touch dribbling feature


  • Crossing in FIFA 16 is more controlled and easier to manage in FIFA 16 than in FIFA 15.



The FIFA 16 rebalanced gameplay makes it the most genuine football game in the sequence till date, but that might sit well with those who prefer the fast, constant, end-to-end thrills of previous editions. This year’s game still plays incredibly well as a whole, though, and by forcing you to rely more on the tactical aspects of the sport, it arguably offers a more rewarding experience. With so much content to offer, both old and new, alongside its many accessibility options. It is irresistible and hard not to recommend FIFA 16.

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