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Deck the halls with gifts from Jumia trala la la la…

It ‘s 12 days to Christmas…woohoo. I can already see it now, roast turkey, party jollof rice, pumpkin pie, cupcakes and most all  CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!!

Jumia Nigeria brings to you 12 Days of Christmas Party Inspiration.

Join Jumia in counting down to Christmas on our 12 days to Christmas promo. Yes, we are giving out vouchers for our “true love’s gift” of the day every day. Free vouchers every day for customers who win our 12 days Christmas promo.

This promo would run from 03 Dec – 09th December. The cue is taken from the 12 days of Christmas song which illustrates the gifts received from loved ones. Basically, we would run this every day till Christmas like this.

Christmas is a great time for love, gifts and time to celebrate with family and friends. But Christmas is also the season when we spend the most money and generate the most waste. At this time of year, a few simple actions can make a big difference to the environment.

Gift giving can be a rewarding and sometimes stressful part of the festive season, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

So look out for our gift of the day today!

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Simply locate Santa on any of the posts before 6 pm today on both the Facebook Fashion page and the  Facebook General Merchandise page. Comment on that post telling us where on the image Santa is and you could be the first to win the voucher.

Simple! Easy! Christmas! Presents!

Also on the blog, we going to do 12 different features that countdown to Christmas and relate to it.

But for now Deuces>



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4 thoughts on “12 Days Of Christmas – Jumia Christmas Vouchers”

  1. i was notified via facebook that i won a white colour bold 5 black berry phone on the 23rd December. i was told to contact Andrew n pay to him N8,000 for the delivery of the phone. is it a scam?

    1. Good day Mr Ime, there was a fraudulent person posing as jumia Nigeria. We put up a disclaimer on Facebook, notifying all our customers that Jumia will never request our customers to send money for anything or pay a fee for anything.All our promotions will be put on our Facebook page. Sorry for the inconvenience sir. We have reported the fraudulent account and will ensure it doesnt happen again.

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