12 Things That You’ll Relate To If You’ve Ever Gone To Stay With A Relative


While you can’t pick your relative or those within it, you can choose how you react and respond to situations in your family. If you have ever  stayed with a relative you can definitely relative one or more of this antics.

When the uncle that you like invites you to come and stay with them.


Oh it’s lit!

But when the invite comes from the one relative you don’t like.

Stay with a relative

Jesus, who did I offend?

When they treat you like a king in the first week of your stay.

with a relative

This is the life I was born to live.

When they’re eating a particular meal and you’re trying to explain that you don’t eat that. And they’re just like:


Hay God!

When you follow them to their church but their service is basically the entire Sunday.


Kuku kill me.

Your stomach trying to get used to their feeding timetable.


What’s all these?!

When the holiday is only halfway through, but you’re ready to go home.


Just let me go please.

When you’ve been on your best behaviour but they’re still calling your parents to report you.


But why?!

When they buy something for their children but they don’t buy for you.


No it’s okay.

When they start using style to ask when you’re going back home.


 You think I want to be here?

When it’s finally time to go back home.



When they say “come back soon”.


Lol, bye!