The 2016 Jumia Black Friday is just around the corner! And with typical Black Friday shopping comes a rollercoaster of emotions. With this year’s 12-day event we anticipate even more exhilaration of big savings, quick clicks all mushed together into days of non-stop shopping. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or it’s your rookie season, there are some unspoken rules when it comes to this major shopping event.

If you want to have the most successful Black Friday of your life, you’re going to want to check out Jumia’s Dos and Don’ts for the 12-day-event!

Don’t wait until the last minute to shop! Black Friday starts on Monday November 14 until Friday November 25th, with focus on different categories each day.

Do plan now. Get your wish list ready and shop early to save a fortune.



Do sign up for push notifications and subscribe to all Jumia Black Friday newsletters to be the first to learn about fantastic deals. Jumia Nigeria Jumia Market, Jumia Food, Jumia Travel, Jumia Deals, Jumia Car and Jumia House are all participating. So save your spot at your favorite Jumia websites.

Don’t harass your bae who works at Jumia to find out what the next day’s deals are! (She probably won’t have your time anyway for next few days) so you might as well face so you don’t miss the deals!



Do carefully read all Black Friday announcements, flyers, newsletters and social media banners. Read them carefully. If the sales sign says, “50 PERCENT off select phones,” believe that it’s only on select phones. Not on laptops or jewelry or game consoles.



Do keep your computer or smartphone charged up to make sure they both survive the shopping and clicking marathon!


Don’t let your boss distract you at work and make you miss THE deals of a lifetime! If he doesn’t know this is happening, you can’t help him.

Do take a sick leave (or elongated lunch break) if you have to. If you can’t lock yourself in your office toilet and concentrate on your targeted Black Friday deal!



Don’t shop and drive. Although it is war, a wise man lives to fight another day. Safety first!

Do park your vehicle properly to shop if you cannot resist the mouth-watering deals!


Do splurge a little. Some deals only come once! If it’s on your wish list. Snap it up before it sells out.

Don’t be (financially) reckless. Set yourself on a budget even if the deals are very tempting. You really do not want  to squander your life-savings do you?


Do gear up for war. Sales go live at midnight so it really is the battle of the fastest fingers, so have you battle gear ready – download the Jumia app so you can easily stay cozy under the covers while you shop. (Plus if you’re browsing the Jumia app with an MTN sim you don’t incur any data charges – yes it’s free browsing!)

Don’t see us as the enemy. Yes, it can be disappointing when your desired item sells out before you could get your hands on it. But the fight is not with Jumia, we’re your friends! That’s why we’re sharing our best tips with you now– so you can smile when we knock on your door with the best deals.


Happy Black Friday Shopping!

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