It’s 2 Days to Big Bang Friday! Enjoy Top Deals on Fashion Today!


It’s mindblowing, it’s banging hot! It’s the Jumia Black Friday Big Bang Sales! Black Friday Festival continues but this time with a resounding bang! November 24th is the day! Get ready for Jumia Black Friday Big Bang Sales! Maybe you have experienced some amazing deals already, hol’ up because this one will trump all you great war tales! It’s gonna bang like a dang!

Jumia Black Friday Festival just got more intense! You will get Banging deals on all your favourite products but only better! Look out for:

Treasure Hunt Deals

The Black Friday Treasure Hunt has been bursting with deals that are too good to be true! Best believe it! Some lucky Jumia customers have been getting deals like a Masterchef blender set for N500, iPhone X at N100,000! So look out for even more giveaway deals!

Flash Sale

The Big Bang starts at midnight November 24th with deals carefully selected to wow you! Be awake for the first flash sale, this is one “midnight challenge” you want to be awake for. The deals will be revealed soon. Note that its only for 24 hours.

Deals! Deals!! Deals!!! will be dripping with deals, everywhere you turn, deals will hold you ransom! So comb the website daily, you will assuredly find a deal on a product you’ve been longing for!

Here’s more scoop: Tons of gaming deals are up today. On Jumia today, it is literally a gamer’s paradise! Today’s Black Friday Deals are dedicated to the gamers amongst us and those that love them! Enjoy Top Deals on games, consoles and more! You know, games make for great gift choices! Beat the holiday rush to shop for gifts and snatch great deals while you’re at it! 

Ready for the Big Bang Black Friday on November 24th?! I bet you are! Happy shopping, may great Big Bang deals fall on you! 😀

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