2014 Tech Innovation – Coolest So Far

‘2014 Tech Innovation’

In this new technology age every manufacturer is looking for a way to make things a lot better for consumers without mentioning the obvious. These manufacturers are in a constant fierce war to stay relevant and claim dominance in the industry. They are aggressive with everything from innovation to marketing to after sale support and more to keep their consumers.

Is it too early to start predicting coolest innovations this year? Well you will be the judge as [rad-hl]LG[/rad-hl] one of the worlds largest home appliance and gadget makers just announced another innovation that will change how you manage your home appliance. It simply means you can manage your home appliances anywhere you are.

LG recently announced that a new service called The home chat. As if it would take us that long to get to the robot age it is finally here. LG’s latest innovation service home chat will allow users control their home appliances such as Fridges, Ovens, washing machines, vacuum cleaners from their mobile phones simply with a text message.


How cool is that? For us in Nigeria, this simply means mothers can take a break from their running around house chores or having to hire someone to help every now and then. Even with our PHCN issues i still think this is pretty cool if it is well timed, you can be at work and send a one line text message to your washing machine and your cloths are done before you get back. Same thing as oven baking you can run to the supermarket and still be sure you won’t burn your house.

It is kind of hard to believe the things technology can help us to do and save as well.

[rad-hl]Samsung[/rad-hl] a few days back also announced a similar home innovation but around using a samsung smart app to control home appliances.


The samsung smart home app will work with only samsung gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, Tvs and smart watches. So users can control their home appliances from the smart home app anywhere they are. Just like the LG home chat service you will simply control it from a smartphone. The samsung smart home app is said to not only make home appliance control easier, it also tells it’s user when there is a fault or need for replacement in any of the appliances which is faster than you getting a technician to tell you there is a fault.

Without a doubt, both manufacturers are killing it with their new technologies and it is just a matter of time before we see more innovations this year.

The only question is will people really buy into the idea of texting their home appliances? Well we will see later this year when they start selling to customers

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Source: BBC

Photo Credit: Samsung Smart Home App by Ali Rahmoun

This Article Was Written By Olamide Amosu

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