5 Breastfeeding Essentials : Must-Haves


Motherhood is a joyful thing. However, it can come with some nagging experiences. Nursing mothers can testify to the fact that it can get very exhausting during the entire period of breastfeeding their babies. Technology has however made life simpler and easier for us all, including our dear nursing mothers.

There are items that can help you navigate this entire period without much hassle. So whether you are expecting, planning to be a mum soon or you are already one, then you are on the right page. Get these breastfeeding essentials and breastfeeding process just got easier.

Breast Pumps

For working and busy mothers who still want their babies not missing out on the nutrition that comes with breastfeeding, here is your all-time solution. A breast pump. They come in several kinds, manual, electronic and fit into all budgets. Have your child fed with natural breastmilk even while you are away with this invaluable item.

breastfeeding essentials

Breast Pads

Breast pads are a must for every nursing mother! It can be really awkward to get breast milk patches all over your top. No one likes to see this special part of your life. It also comes in different types, in washable and re-usable forms and disposable forms.

breastfeeding essentials

Nursing Pillows

When nursing a baby, you and your baby need all the comfort you both can get. And so, a nursing pillow isn’t a luxury, its an absolute necessity. They come in several beautiful colors and are very soft for maximum convenience.




This is must-have because you want to e extremely careful with items you use in feeding your baby. Sterilizing all feeding items must be regular. You do not want your baby getting infected from unhygienic use of feeding items.



Breast Wipes

They are very tender and have a calming effect. Most women can get sore from constant breastfeeding. Breast wipes can help for wiping after feeding as well as give a calming effect to an already sore breast.

breastfeeding essentials

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This article was written by Aisha Aburime