As women, our appearance matters a lot to us. The hair plays a very important role in our overall appearance. Beautiful hair can up our game. In the same way, messy and unkempt hair can negatively affect the way we look.

It’s no longer news that most African ladies are either natural or currently transitioning. We have decided to ditch the chemicals and embrace to our God-given hair. The Fro can be very beautiful when it’s properly cared for. Curly, full and soft natural hair is to die for.

However, one thing that a lot of people get worried about while transitioning is finding the right products to use. Most people worry about the products that would make their hair soft, luscious and long without affecting the edges.  Not just the right products, but also the affordable ones. Here is a list of hair care products for naturalistas, which are also affordable:

  1. Leave-in Conditioner – Most naturalistas complain about how hard it is to comb their hair and also suffer from tangled hair. Leave-in conditioner or conditioning cream helps to moisturize the hair and smooth the cuticles, thereby removing knots and snarls and detangling thick hair.


2. Carrot Oil – This helps to strengthen weak and damaged hair. It also gives the hair proper moisture which most naturalistas desire. It a must have for everyone with natural hair.


3. Jamaican Black Castor Oil – This is an amazing product that helps with hair growth. It not only makes your long, but also helps thicken your hair as no one likes scanty hair.


4. Olive Oil Edge Control – Receding hair lines and scanty edges suck. It makes your hair look rough even after you have struggled to care for it and it’s generally not presentable. In order to avoid this, you need to use edge control. Just apply a little and brush your hair and you’ll be amazed at how great your hair would look.

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5. Shea Butter – This product is great for styling and moisturizing hair. It also improves the hair texture and makes it shine. Every naturalista should have Shea butter in possession.

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What do you think about our list? If you have any other suggestions, leave your comments below.

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