5 Reasons Why Candy Crush is the Most Addictive Game Ever


If you haven’t heard of Candy Crush, then you either live under a rock or form busy a lot. Since its release in 2012, its popularity as the most engaging thing on smartphones is almost unarguable. Tidbit: It remains #1 top grossing game. Why? The game does unimaginable things to people. With some players confirming they have abandoned housework, left their children stranded at school, and even injured themselves as they try to reach new levels of the game. Forget serious data for a minute.

Candy Crush

Here are 5 reasons that make Candy crush so addictive;

1. It’s Social: Social games are any game that allows you to connect with your friends through a social-media platform like Facebook and these kinds of games have really gained massive popularity. The ability to play with, or compete against, friends is irresistible and this is what keeps many people addicted to it.
2. It’s an Escape: Constantly people are looking for what to take their minds away from work and the stress of daily life and Candy crush is the perfect place to escape to.

Candy Crush
3. There’s Always More: The Candy Crush team updates the game constantly and creates new levels every two weeks. Right now there are 544 levels and this has raised the bar for more games with how much content a mobile game should and will have. Another interesting thing is the fact that you can hardly get stuck or lose because there is always a way out. Even when you use up all your lives, you can start again or buy more lives.
4. It brings out our Inner Child: Many people have loved candy since they were kids and it makes for a really nice visual game board with lots of colors and interesting shapes. In fact, when you play you feel as if you’re transported into an entire Candy Land experience. Yum! And fun.
5. You Don’t Have to Pay – It’s that easy: Most people have gotten to a high level, some even to the end without paying a cent for extra lives or chances. But you do get stuck, you ca buy your way out with some few bucks.

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