5 things successsful men notice in women


Let’s face it ladies, success is very attractive in a man. I don’t necessarily mean success in monetary terms, but rather a man who knows what he wants, is passionate about what he does, works hard, and is successful in whatever field he is in. Because, honestly, who wants to date a couch potato whose highest ambition is to get the newest PS4 so he can sit and have a bottle of alcohol with his friends?  Not that all of those are bad in and of themselves, but you know what I mean

Here are a few pointers to gaining the attention of any successful man.

  • A confident woman is super attractive to a successful man because he is also very confident in himself. Whatever you do, whoever you are, own it!  This doesn’t mean to walk around like you’re the bee’s knees with an arrogant attitude, but rather having a firm grasp on your strengths and willing to admit your weaknesses.
  • You don’t have to be a PhD holder or have many degrees, but you must be smart, able to hold a conversation and have an opinion. I said have an opinion! In fact let me digress, there is a difference between having an opinion about a topic and speaking your mind when appropriate. Learn the difference.
  • Be a woman who has a sense of style, who looks good, if not for herself, then for me. Additionally,  being able to “clean up” well is a good trait, especially when the little cute dress comes out right.
  • Not everyone was born in the hood, He probably is not from the hood, He is definitely not going to the hood, and he has nothing to do with the hood. So make conscious effort to keep the ‘ghetto’ at bay and be on your best behaviour.
  • Most importantly, be your self! Let him be attracted to you for who you are