Shirts are a staple in every man’s wardrobe, but there are a few styles that elevate the ordinary to make dressing each morning a breeze. The general belief is that men have a limited range of option when it comes to clothing. Enter today’s century and you will notice men’s fashion soaring to newer heights. Men are equally competing with women in the fashion world. While trying to be in fashion, don’t forget one thing, fashion is temporary whereas style is timeless. From occasion-appropriate to casual and comfy, these are the five must-have essentials that will forever withstand fickle trends.

Tailored white: A white shirt never goes out of style, but it’s surprising how many men get this wardrobe staple so wrong. Look for a cotton-poplin fabric that won’t lose shape and that’s simple enough to wear with a suit or on its own (read: no crazy buttons or pockets!). Fit and fabric are key here, so be sure to launder properly and replace as soon as there’s any yellowing under the arms or fabric wear and tear.

Classic check:As far as prints go, you can’t get more classic or failsafe than checks. Leave the wacky spots and florals for another time (or never, really) and team checks with unstructured weekend basics or more formal work-wear.

Stripped Shirt: The striped shirt is a must in your wardrobe as an office wear. Wide lines on a crisp white shirt looks bold, but still clean. A stripe shirt looks classy when matched with a solid color suit.  You get the impression of height when you wear a striped shirt. Shirts with a fine stripe looks elegant while a thick stripe makes a statement pair with a matching solid color tie to make the impression long-lasting.

Failsafe Denim: It’s time to stop thinking of a denim shirt as a trend based item and embrace it as a wardrobe essential. Acne’s fit and deep chambray colour are hard to beat, and this beauty will only get better with time and love. Undoubtedly worth the investment.

The Pale Blue-Oxford: Favoured by the well-dressed men of Europe with good reason, a light blue shirt will be the hardest working item in your wardrobe. Roll up the sleeves and team with jeans for the weekend, or wear tucked-in to pants with a neutral belt and navy blazer for dressier moments.