First rule of dealing with a woman? You need to understand that they are fickle and work based on that. Sounds sexist? All I am saying is that they are delicate and must always be handled with care (like fine china)

NEVER IGNORE HER!: I really had to shout this loud, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, the moment she calls on you, drop all and pay attention. Even if you have to pretend about it, do it for your ‘sanity’. There is always something interesting going on in their lives and they want to share it with people. Be the first port of call.

Humour: Okay, maybe not the Kevin Hart/Basketmouth level of seriousness.  When she is having one of those really rough days you know the right kind of words that would cheer her up. Cheer her up and make the smile/laughter on her face become permanent. There is a thin line between cracking a funny joke and being corny. Take note!

Independence: I don’t need to remind you about how importa nt this is, you must show her you can stand on your feet. No one likes a liability including women. You can’t claim to be an OG and still depend on a lot of people for the even the simplest tasks. Also show her you are ambitious and there is potential for growth, getting stuck to someone on the same level is hard work.

Trust: Let her be able to confide in you and you being able to hold on to your words. The moment she can trust you, that’s 50% of the work done already. Be the kind of guy that doesn’t blab to his friends about all his woman told him because it would sound cool to them. Give her assurances you can fulfil and always stick to your words and character traits when she is depending on them.

JUST BE GOOD: Be a good man to her.  End of Discussion!

Hey, I didn’t make the rules, I am just a messenger echoing their thoughts. It is not 100% guaranteed that this would work because not every woman is the same but play around these guides and tweak to your advantage and you could be a lucky man at the end. Also, don’t be fake, It’s really that simple.