5 ways to show you care this Mother’s Day


It’s Mother’s Day once again, but one might be forgiven for not remembering that amidst all the coronavirus talk. Except now more than ever is the time to show some appreciation for these exceptionally strong women. Mothers are the very life blood of our societies and their contribution to its overall health and well-being cannot be overlooked or overstated.

But what if you can’t afford to get your mother a gift, or you’d simply neglected to? How else can you celebrate her? By showing that you care, that’s how. So here are 5 ways you can show how much you care today.

1. Pay her a visit

A mother being embraced by her son

We know that life can get a bit hectic sometimes, especially nowadays with issues like self isolation and social distancing to contend with. But Mother’s Day is your opportunity to make up for all those failed visits and missed call. So make sure you pay her a visit and show that you care by spending some quality time together.

2. Tell her “I love you, Mom!”

One thing about African families is we rarely ever express the way we feel through words. We can do this through acts of kindness, or by showing concern, but you’d hardly ever catch us tell anyone other than our partners “I love you.” Well, today’s a good day to break that habit so give your mother a pleasant surprise by telling her, “ I love you, Mom!”

3. Read her a poem, letter or quote

A mother with flowers in her hair holding her baby

Are you a writer of words? Then you can write your mother a letter expressing how appreciative you are of everything she has done for you. And if you have a problem with stringing words together, you can choose from a vast number of existing poems and quotes expressing the same. You score bonus points for actually reading it to her, instead of just handing it over on a piece of paper.

4. Help out with the housekeeping

A mother and son cooking together in the kitchen

Everybody knows there is nothing fun about having to do the chores. Yet mothers do them dutifully every day, not out of sheer necessity, but because they care about their families and want them to have the best of everything. So show your mother you care too by offering to take the load off her back for just this one day. She’d most likely refuse, but that won’t take away that feeling of love she’d feel by your mere asking.

5. Give her some quiet time

A mother holding her daughter

With all the madness taking place in the world of late, it can indeed become overwhelming for a person to bear. This is why we all need some time to ourselves, to meditate or reflect on things. This is doubly so for mothers, who it sometimes seems are bearing the weight of the entire world on their shoulders. So consider giving your mother some much-needed peace and quiet, but only after you’ve done everything else on our list.

A note and cup of tea

Did you already make plans for your mother this Mother’s Day, or would you be winging it and coming up with some other way of showing her some TLC? Let us know in the comments section below.