7 Wonder Woman; Celebrating the Empowered Woman (7th Edition)


Happy Women’s Day! its our final edition with the Jumia 7 Wonder Women, celebrating the empowered woman both locally and globally. Our No. 7 woman is Adebukola Moody.

  1. Tell us what you currently do and how you make a difference in this positionI currently work as a customer experience associate in Jumia.com.ngMy department ensures that customers are highly satisfied with our products and services. Thus, I make sure that pending issues are resolved as well as work with other departments to ensure that we gain and sustain the trust of these customers.
  1. What’s your biggest challenge when trying to balancing work and life generally? Life could sometimes be overwhelming. My biggest challenge would be trying to meet the demands of my job as well as being the best wife and influencing lives. But I’m learning to be a good planner.
  1. Make it happen! What are those products you cannot do without in your daily life (gadgets, home appliances, and health and beauty products, exercise equipment?) My phones (very dear to me), bottle of water, wristwatch, my perfume,powder, baked beans and skipping rope.
  1.  What are your hobbies and what books inspire you? Hobbies: Meeting exciting people, singing, reading novels, baking and disturbing my husband (wink).
  1.  How do you relax and unwind? What do you use to relax? Listening to music or staying in a hotel or a quiet environment with my husband.
  2. What are those Key 5 items in your purse? Money/credit cards, Phones, handkerchief, Powder and a pen.

7. A few word of inspiration to every woman out there.. Being a great planner is key to becoming a successful woman. Let’s learn to wear a smile always and be ready to take up challenges and responsibilities with confidence and a positive mind.

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This article was edited by Aisha Aburime