‘Breast Cancer Awareness Day’ at Jumia – Fight Like A Girl!!!


Another day they say another dollar, but today at Jumia was another day and knowledge worth a lot. In typical fashion, Jumians came all out today in support of a cause as it observed its ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign’.

It was a day filled with everything pink from clothing, bangles, glasses, shoes and in some cases lingerie (ssshhhhh!). And was amazing to see the guys were not left out in the pink party as they came out guns blazing to support the cause. They all came out fighting.


The day was one that exhumed empathy and feeling of a need to do better in championing the awareness of this course among staff, fostered by the commitment to health and safety in the workplace and our environment at large.

It all started with staff  initiating this campaign, welcome their colleagues adorning them with the ‘pink ribbon’ and subsequently engaging them in talk about the disease and material made available to every staff before the day was over. It was most beautiful to see the pink ribbons light up the room, one which did live an impression, was common place to see staff alert their colleague about missing ribbons and the enthusiastic this responded to.

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The inspiration to create awareness on this campaign in the workplace was to create a platform where there could be a flow of information about breast cancer. As observed a lot of Nigerians know about breast cancer but don’t understand the basics things’ relating to fact; it is the most common form of cancer and much more. We needed our colleagues to know these key facts, and why early examination& treatment is important and can save lives and PINK  is the new BLACK”, explains member of campaign team Online Marketing Channel (SEM) Specialist, Folahan Abudu.

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