8 Ways to Get Snapped at LFDW


So it’s that time of the year, when the fashion girls and boys come out to play. Well, if you are heading out to LFDW you want to make sure you are street style ready because if your outfit does not make it unto Bella Naija the next day, it really doesn’t count! Read on for a few street style tips worthy of a photograph!

Wear Ugly Shoes

Yes, you heard us! Photographers / Bloggers all love the ugly shoe trend – it’s cool, it’s quirky and they love that crazy looking shoe! From Prada’s concave heels to Marc Jacobs, the ugly shoe has found its way to every fashionistas foot! Ok, so this might only get your feet papped but it still counts right??


Less isn’t More

Forget the less is more fashion tip and embrace excess! Remember this is Lagos and not Paris. We love the OTT look and no one cares much for your ‘effortless look’. So how do you get noticed? By piling on that statement jewellery and that ridiculous headgear that’s bound to turn heads!


Pile On the Prints

YASSSS Girl!!!! This is what we call the Lisa Folawiyo approach! Take a moment to study the Queen of prints and serve bold, colourful prints on your imaginary catwalk. Want to catch the attention of all the lenses? Wear an eye-catching print or two and clash unexpected prints! Careful though, this is risky business, so approach with caution!


Wear A Designer

Ok so, if your style game is on point, you will probably make it unto TV too, so get ready for the million-dollar question ‘Who are you wearing’? Name dropping a designer like Maki Oh instantly elevates you to Solange’s status but if your budget does not stretch that far then your creativity game needs to be strong!


Get The Time Right!

Timing is right when it comes to getting snapped and you must calculate this meticulously! You want to make sure you get there when it’s still bright outside – natural light is your best friend! You might also want to get there just before all the celebrities arrive and whatever you do, make sure you don’t get there at the same time as Eku Edewor, she is the only one the camera is focused on at that moment!


Buddy UP

Now this is when the power of two come into play… (is that even a real saying?)  If you want to double your chances of getting snapped, this is the time to find your fashion best friend. Hold hands, smile and laugh at each other’s not so funny jokes and pretend to be having an awesome time, whilst completely oblivious to all the lenses pointing at you. Trust us, it works!


Your Phone –The Must- Have Accessory!

Your phone is your must-have accessory over the next three days! Whatever you do, make sure you are always staring at your phone! Looking busy makes you look super cool!


Act Like You Don’t Care

Now when you are at LFDW, you will need to get this pretence thing locked down! If you do get snapped, you don’t want your picture all smiley and eager so you need to pretend like you don’t care and your lush fashion job is the only reason you are there! It’s all about attitude and not coming off as desperate! Act nonchalant and try not to look into the cameras!


Follow these tips and your picture is sure to get plastered all over the blogs. Check out our next fashion post on designers to watch!