9 Items 1 Week- Style Tips


Hello Gentlemen and Ladies,

Today I am going to give you an expo on how you can always look good all week with a slim budget and limited clothing and accessories. Guys, this is a week’s guide on various corporate looks simply created from just 9 items on Jumia.com.ng. I hope you would like them.

Everyone knows that women like men who dress well even when you are not trying to make an impression, the ladies are still looking at you “Men”.  “A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them”. Nice quote you would agree with me. Not to worry, we would take a cue from this and put it into practice in the following fashion tips tagged “Staying corporate and stylish with just 9 items”


Monday: Go for the Corporate Monday looking sharp for your meetings with an Hawes & Curtis Classic Fit shirt, Butler – Webb Formal Trousers black, Dazawa Black Shoes and Prags Plain Blazer.

Tuesday: Less Corporate but still looking smart with Okunoren French cuff stripe shirt, David wej so black cufflinks, David wej Grey Formal Trousers and A Navy blue Sweatshirt on Dazawa Shoes.

Wednesday: Mid-week corporate with French Navy Single Cuff H&C Shirt, David-wej Cufflinks, Butler-webb Formal black trouser, Prags plain black blazer on Dazawa Shoes.

Thursday: The day before the weekend Smart but not too serious with The H&C single cuff pocket fit shirt, David Wej Grey formal trouser, Prags Black blazer on Dazawa black shoes.

Friday: Less Casual Friday with Navy Blue V-neck Sweatshirt, Butler-webb black formal pants on dazawa Black shoes

Guys you can try the looks next week with items from your wardrobe like we have arranged in the image above. You can also shop for all these items on our website by clicking on each one where they are mentioned and they will be delivered to you just in time for you to try your New Corporate, Smart and Stylish look.

Have a Great Weekend All,