If there is anything Nigerians are good at asides from having and throwing rocking parties, it is staying on top of fashion trends. I can’t seem to get over how Nigerian women manage to keep up with every fashion item out on the market. One could say it is a special power you must possess in order to truly be called a Nigerian woman.  This year has proven this point more than ever.

Fashion has been on a roll this year. We have had everything from fresh designs to retro. A lot of old fashioned styles were revamped and then some were just brought back as they were .  We had some designs that I personally thought were weird but some rocked.

As the year comes to an end, let us go through some of the trends together, shall we?

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Peplum: A budding trend from 2011, the style fully blossomed in 2012 and was virtually inescapable. The peplum is the most famous of all the trends, mostly because it flatters all shapes and sizes

Tom-boy chic: Nothing says sexy than a woman who can pull off wearing her man’s outfit. This is a personal favourite of mine. From the boyfriend jacket to tuxedo jackets to the vests to the sneakers and, it is finally not just a man’s world. I mean in this case, what a man can wear, a woman can wear better.

Chiffon: Bright colorful chiffon tops and dresses were the order of the day in 2012. With beautiful styles and colours, the soft and light material was perfect for the Nigerian weather.

Neon: This trend was so bad, even the guys had to join in. It’s been called all sorts, from “pinging” to “colour-blocking”. Personally, I think we have had enough of it this year. Hopefully, with the New Year would come the end of the colors rule.


Till next time, next year




This post was written by Onome Umukoro