Accessories Lust: Rocking Statement Necklaces


My Dear Fashionistas,

I know you are up to date with your Fashion trends. I just want to help you spice up your choice of Accessories and also emphasize on the latest Fashion Trend in Bold and [rad-hl]Beautiful Necklaces[/rad-hl].

It is no news that [rad-hl]Big necklaces[/rad-hl] bring out the best in your outfit and they are also not new, it is an old fashion trend coming back to stay. In the olden days during the Roman/Egyptian empires, as depicted in the movies we watched growing up,  you would remember seeing the ladies wearing little and simple cloths but having [rad-hl]big necklaces[/rad-hl]/accessories that will make them look Stunning.

Retro fashion trends are coming to shed more light on our modern day looks. The Bold statement pieces are fun, low key ways to add a fashionable twist to simple looks.

Ladies, Your main aim is to keep the focus on the Necklace and every other accessory plain and simple. It will give you a whole different and New Look.

The [rad-hl]Trendiest and Fashionable Necklace[/rad-hl] types are  Colored Baubles as seen on Rihanna, Metallic Necklace & Pearl Necklace


How to Rock your Statement Necklaces 

– [rad-hl]Necklaces[/rad-hl] speak well with simple outfits so you should always remember this when trying to get the fabulous look with your [rad-hl]statement necklaces[/rad-hl]. Try simple black dresses or white. Simple Tees and Jeans

– Don’t match the color of your [rad-hl]necklace[/rad-hl]with the color of your outfit, make sure your necklace is a contrasting color from your outfit. It will give you that dashing look that stands you out of the pack.

– If you are wearing a loud or busy outfit, make sure your [rad-hl]necklace[/rad-hl] is plain and simple so it does not contradict your look. It will tone it down and complement your already gorgeous outfit.

– When trying to achieve  a distinct look with your [rad-hl]necklace[/rad-hl], keep all other accessories very simple e.g earrings, bracelet and ring.

– Style your outfit with a necklace that goes with your body frame. If you are short don’t go for a chunky and big [rad-hl]necklace[/rad-hl], simply go for a light and less busy necklace. If you are busty, it is important to go for a shorter necklace that will be above your bust.

– If you are stuck with picking a necklace color for your outfit you should check out color wheel to pair up colors that will help you make that unique statement.


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Photo Credit: Bella Naija