Agbada | The official uniform of the Yoruba Man


We’ve all heard about or encountered the infamous “Yoruba Demon(s)”. They come in different shapes and sizes but mostly very attractive, terrorizing the hearts of young maidens. Frankly yoruba boys have no chill so, to fear them is the beginning of wisdom. Ironically, Yoruba Demons are guaranteed to drive you closer to God. Whether it’s praying for your boyfriend to be faithful or praying for healing after he shatters your heart.

Here a few tips to help you spot these men that would sweep you off your feet.

Agbada: By their Agbada, you shall know them. A ‘Yoruba demon’ destiny is not complete without an Agbada, in fact, lots of it. All you need is a loyal dry cleaner to make sure a ‘turn up’ never catches you unaware.

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Latest phones: Forget the cheap phones. These dapper men use phones priced from N50,000 and above because they are the accessory needed for the job. Why else did you think slot made D’banj brand ambassador? They recognize that ladies like it big and the worth of their phone counts.

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A pair of Dark shades: Don’t ever under estimate the power of a pair of dark shades. They put this charming men in charge automatically. By addition, these gentle men also use them for quick scans of multiple girls at the same time without anyone noticing. The dark shades are designer stuff else lagos girls will drag you through hot coals with their bad mouths.

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Beard Gang: For guys, joining the beard gang is synonymous to joining bad gang. It is all part of the script.

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They have the Expression:They don’t go about smiling up and down. They need expression to ensure they arouse the curiosity of  innocent ladies. Work up an expression that says “Bored but I could try and chill with you” and watch the girl try so hard because she can’t tell for certain if you are feeling her or not.

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