All Black Everything


Black cars! Black Diamonds! Black dresses! Black cards! Black Friday! All black everything. Black is powerful, classy, edgy and intriguing all at the same and Jumia will be wielding its power.

Its rebirth of the black Friday, Jumia is taking center stage. There are no limits, it’s all in the passion; no gimmicks, just go with the flow. It’s now or never to put words into action and create a rife in the ecommerce landscape because it’s all black everything.

For all those phantom lovers in Jumia’s dreams, she will receive you with cocktail gloves and a strapless dress, with a perfect silhouette to soothe you through the dip-black with mouth-watering discounts.

Once you go black, you will never go back! You would never know, if you could ever be; if you never try, you would never see and it would be the most disheartening experience to miss out on the Nigeria’s biggest shopping event.

Jumia is going black and you better run into its shadows of crazy discounts.